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Laura Arbon

Laura’s passion is to help her Family Law clients move on to a better life.

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Meet Laura

Laura started her career as a receptionist in a generalist law firm that had been established on the Gold Coast for over 20 years and quickly realised her passion for law.  In 2016 Laura was admitted as a Solicitor and gained a broad experience in matters involving property law, commercial law, succession law and family law.

It was clear to Laura that her real interest was in the colourful world of family law as she could see she was helping her clients move on to a better life. She practises in the areas of Family Law and Succession Law and is currently undertaking her Masters in Family Law.


Laura’s Expertise

Laura is a brilliant communicator and advocate for her clients. She understands that lawyers are the last people that separating families usually want to engage with during such a difficult time. 

Laura prides herself on achieving great outcomes that would not otherwise be available to her clients and aims to settle by way of negotiation and mediation as early as possible. 

Laura will actively work towards limiting the issues and resolving disputes within her matters to ensure that her input is assisting her clients achieve an early settlement rather than court proceedings.

Laura recognises the importance of her client’s being informed of strategy and ensuring that they are well-versed on the road ahead. She will ensure that you feel supported, informed of your options and completely in control throughout the process.

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