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Nicole Jevtovic has worked in Family, Domestic Violence and Criminal Law

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Nicole Jevtovic has worked in Family, Domestic Violence and Criminal Law her entire legal career. During her years as a divorce lawyer and criminal lawyer, Nicole has appeared in court on almost a daily basis. She has extensive experience in court advocacy and has even run trials herself as a solicitor advocate. While she enjoys court representation, Nicole aims to resolve her client’s matters in the most cost effective and stress-free way possible which is why she is an advocate for mediation and negotiation outside of court. This is why Nicole Jevtovic founded Clarity Legal Group┬áto simplify the complicated Family Law process and achieve positive results for her clients without conflict and litigation.

As a mother of three children, Nicole has a personal connection to family law. She understands how emotionally challenging separation can be and is sensitive to the complexities of finalising parenting and financial settlements. Her degree in psychology gives her an added advantage in representing her clients in negotiating and court advocacy.


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