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At Clarity Legal Group, we understand that dealing with complex legal challenges can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing.
That’s why we’re committed to providing compassionate, and effective legal representation that addresses each and every client’s unique needs.
Our experienced team of family lawyers recognise that each family law case is different and requires personalised attention.
From child custody disputes to divorce proceedings, from property division to spousal maintenance claims, we approach every case with empathy and dedication.
With our extensive knowledge of family law, we strive to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients by providing guidance, support and tailored advice along the way. We pride ourselves in helping our clients navigate the often complicated and sensitive legal issues that arise in family matters.
We’re here to help you move forward towards a brighter future, and we’re honoured to be able to serve you through some of life’s most challenging moments.


Obtaining a divorce in Australia is straightforward and the process is now mainly online. However long or short your marriage if you have separated on a final basis, we can help you apply for divorce quickly and with as little fuss as necessary.

Binding Financial Agreements

We can help prepare an agreement to safeguard your assets in the event of separation or divorce.

LGBT relationships

We are an LGBT friendly firm which supports an inclusive community and can help make sure your legal rights are protected.

Domestic Violence

If you are experiencing domestic violence or if you are worried that you may accused of domestic violence by your ex-partner, don’t delay, we can help guide you to find a safe outcome.

Spousal maintenance

Moving on from a long relationship can be a daunting idea for some partners. Spousal maintenance is a sum of money paid to you to help with financial hardship.

Dividing Property

“Dividing property and reaching a Financial Settlement at the end of a relationship can be difficult but it is important to take the right steps to protect your legal rights.

Parenting Plans

Working out arrangements for the care for your children after a separation is difficult but very important. It is a time of great uncertainty and children needs to know that they will be safe and well looked after. We have the expertise to help you work out their care arrangements legally and usually without the need for any court intervention.


Who gets the kids? How often do I have a right to see my kids? Often parents will restrict their ex-partner’s time with the children. If this has happened to you, please call our office to…

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Family Lawyers FAQs

Child Support is the payment by one parent to another to assist with the costs of raising their children and may be privately agreed (lawyers can prepare a formal agreement if needed) or formally assessed by Service Australia. The calculation process to work out how much child support payable is complex but is determined largely by the incomes of the parents and the percentage of care they each have for the children.

If you are reasonably computer literate and you and your ex both want a divorce then you may not need to engage a lawyer to handle your divorce application which are lodged online and often don’t need any court appearance by the parties. For complex matter or if your ex doesn’t agree or can’t be found you may find it helpful to use a solicitor to handle the process.

When separated parents don’t agree about care arrangements for their children then the Family Law Act says that the best interests of children is the paramount consideration. Every family is different and there may be many relevant aspects to consider but the primary factors are (1) to maintain a meaningful relationship with both parents and to protect the children from the risk of harm (the most important one).

Child support is dealt with separately to parenting arrangements. See above.
Varying final parenting orders without the other parent’s consent can be very tricky and specialist legal advice will be needed to show a court that change is necessary. If court orders haven’t been made however then direct negotiation between the parents, or using a mediation process, can change the existing arrangements and these can then be formalised by way of a parenting plan (get legal advice about these though).

If parenting orders are being ignored then you can apply for a contravention to be heard by the court – but you should try to negotiate and understand if there is an underlying reason beforehand. Where property or financial orders are not being complied with then you may be able to apply for a court registrar to sign papers and so on in place of the other party (at their expense).

In Australian Family Law the steps followed to work out how property (assets, liabilities and superannuation) is divided following separation are as follows:
  1. determine the property to be divided (and values);
  2. assess the contributions of each party during the relationship (financial and non-financial);
  3. consider the needs of each party in terms of their age, health, earning capacity and care arrangements for children of the relationship; and
  4. decide what would be a ‘just and equitable’ outcome.
The last step is the one taken by a judge after reviewing steps 1 – 3 but a good Family Law solicitor will be able to guide you about the likely outcome in your case.
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