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What is spousal maintenance and how do I get it?

Spousal Maintenance

As family lawyers, we often get questions about spousal maintenance. Clients who have heard about it from family or friends sometimes have misconceptions about what it is. Sometimes they are unsure whether they are eligible for maintenance, or they aren’t sure how to go about getting it. In this post, we’ll address some of those […]

10 things you should do following separation


There are few experiences more traumatic in life than a relationship break-up with a long-term, much loved partner. For some people, the emotional stress of such an event can have considerable and lasting effects on their finances, on their health, and on their lifestyle. Naturally enough, the bust up of a relationship can also seriously […]

What is a family report and how do we prepare for one?

Family Report

In the sad event that a family breaks up, family reports have become important documents in court proceedings about the living arrangements of the children. A family report can be ordered by a judge, or agreed to between the parents, and is conducted by an experienced psychologist or social worker with specialist training in assessing […]

Private family court

Family Court

Talk to anybody who’s been to Family Court for a family matter and you’ll quickly realise it’s not the answer. It’s draining, unpredictable and very expensive. Time If you haven’t done so already – check out our article on The Court Process. The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia is so overcrowded today that […]

Mediation VS Court: Which is the best option in family law?


As the old saying goes, love hurts. And that’s what makes certain decisions in family law matters so difficult. One of the toughest decisions a couple has to make as their partnership or marriage breaks down irrevocably is how to end things in a legally appropriate manner. Should you try do so through mediation or […]

Separation: What’s required to be separated under one roof?


It may be a cliché but it’s also true: no matter how long you’ve been together, breaking up is hard to do. For married couples, coping with the fallout can be especially complicated – and that’s one reason why so many Australians continue to live together even after separation. But what’s required in order to […]